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EBM Clinical Tools

Evidence-based calculations and guidelines for various clinical scenarios

Developer: Foundation Internet Services, LLC


The “EBM Clinical Tools Application” is a comprehensive tool designed for ICU healthcare professionals. It encompasses a wide range of medical calculations and clinical decision tools, facilitating accurate and efficient patient care decisions. This resource is essential for medical practitioners who require quick access to evidence-based calculations and guidelines in various clinical scenarios.

It is not only a practical tool but also a unique educational medical reference. It vividly brings medical literature to life by referencing hundreds of medical journal and textbook articles. These encompass a wide array of medical equations, clinical criteria sets, and decision trees. The application transforms this literature into interactive versions to facilitate learning in Evidence-Based Medicine, making it an invaluable resource for both practicing healthcare professionals and students.

  • Medical calculations for various clinical conditions
  • Clinical decision tools
  • Evidence-based guidelines for patient care
  • Resources for accurate medical decision making
  • Dosage calculators for medications
  • Risk assessment tools for various medical conditions
  • Conversion calculators for units in lab results
  • Interactive algorithms for diagnostic and treatment pathways
  • Calculators for biostatistics and epidemiology
  • Tools for assessing patient outcomes and prognoses

Not a medical product under Medical Device Regulation.

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Required monaOS version
2.2.0 or later
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Clinical Tools

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