Clinomic Knowledge Base

Compiled and peer-reviewed by Germany’s top clinicians, the Clinomic Knowledge Base contains more than 150 articles with up-to-date, practice-relevant clinical information on the most important topics in current critical care, including state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

Critical Care. To the point.


Practical guidelines for beginners and professionals for the most common disease patterns in the intensive care unit.


Standards for common procedures and situations in the intensive care unit

20 + 10

Detailed and practice-oriented instructions for skills of common and rare procedures, as well as special disease patterns and their intensive care treatment

Practice-oriented guidelines

Guidelines on the most important diseases in intensive care medicine

  • Interpreted and classified by experienced senior physicians with
    decades of experience in intensive care medicine
  • No reproduction of textbook knowledge, but practice-oriented instructions

Skills for common and rare procedures

Practical and clinically focused guidance for essential intensive care skills. Especially for less common interventions such as ECMO, NO therapy or diagnostic interventions such as TTE or CVC.

Clinical algorithms

Diagnostic algorithms beyond the mere reproduction of guidelines

  • What is the specific procedure for common symptom complexes, such as fever, heart failure, etc.?
  • How are the steps prioritized accordingly?

Up to date

Continuous updates and review of all articles by medical experts at least 4 times per year.

Peer Reviewed

Peer review by medical specialists or registered nurses

Free of costs

All updates are of course free of charge and without interfering with the hospital IT

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