Clinical Data Solutions

The sustainable use of health data is one of the key success factors of the hospital of the future. With our health data solutions, we enable our clinical partners to use clinical data in a privacy-compliant manner and to generate optimal value from it.

Know your clinical data

Gain deeper insights into your hospital´s data assets with your data analysis tools.

Improve the patient experience

We help your patient outcomes, increase profits, and enhance the patient experience.

Optimize your processes

We support you making operational adjustments and establishing-profitable processes.

Clinical Data Mining Platform

Each hospital generates milions of data points daily – A treasure that is seldom unearthed. With the help of the Clinomic Data Mining Platform you can use your clinical data for intelligent analysis, artificial intelligence and targeted commercialization. Our software aggregates, anonymizes, and transmits clinical data using the Clinomic Clinical Data Repository.
The Clinomic Data Mining Platform is scalable, cloud-deployable and highly performant for large quantities of data. Of course, the security and GDPR-compliance of every single data point is guaranteed.

Clinomic Data Lake

The Clinomic Data Lake is an interoperable, platform-independent solution for storing high-frequency healthcare data. Based on the HL7 FHIR standard, the Data Lake ingests anonymized health data from various source systems and makes it available for analysis, independent use and decision support. Extensive export functions ensure smooth transfer to all common data science tools and processing environments.

Who we are

As a subsidiary of the Clinomic Group, Clinomic Solutions helps hospitals to overcome the lack of conventional analysis by analyzing great amounts of health data quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. The use of state-of-the-art Data Mining and Business Intelligence methods with our Clinomic Solutions opens up the possibility of facing the demands of the healthcare sector. We also offer extensive and individual consulting services for telemedical networking of your intensive care competencies.

FAQ – Data Mining Solutions

Management cannot function without defining and using key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor overall business operations. This is also a necessity for the healthcare industry. The continual reduction of specialists in critical care, the increased demand for intensive care beds, and a constantly changing political and legal environment require a high level of transparency and the ability to react quickly to changes and optimize processes continuously. This leads to increased demands on the availability of information and data analysis. The use of state-of-the-art Data Mining and Business Intelligence (BI) methods with our Clinomic Solutions opens up the possibility of facing these demands.

Enormous amounts of data are generated in the healthcare sector. This includes patient records, hospital records, medical examination results, and information captured by medical testing equipment. With this large amount and high complexity of data in the healthcare sector, there is both the challenge and the need to keep a good overview. Clinomic Solutions helps your hospital overcome the lack of conventional analysis, save time and money, (and allows hospital managers to perform analysis and reporting on their own afterwards.) We analyze these enormous amounts of data quickly, securely and cost-effectively. Our service is a worthwhile investment, and will play a significant role in management in the future of your hospital!

  • Our customers use our data processing solutions for various usage scenarios
  • Application monitoring of medical devices, drugs or therapy procedures in the market (retrospective data)
  • Use in the context of market research and market monitoring
  • Use in data science / AI-driven products, for example in the creation of algorithmic procedures
  • Business management of hospitals and thus generated economic benefits for the operator
  • Addressing scientific issues and increasing the attractiveness of their own hospitals as a scientific location
  • Development of own business models, for example start-ups or medical technology companies

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