Clinomic receives funding from German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

The Clinomic GmbH recently received a funding by the Federal Ministry of Research and Education for their product “MedicBI” under the “KMU-innovativ” funding measure. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports SMEs in projects in the run-up to industrial research and experimental development projects – in order to strengthen their innovative capacity in the long term.

The path from a new idea or a research approach to an innovative product, process or service can sometimes be a long one: ideas must be evaluated, their feasibility checked and the research and development needs and cooperation partners identified. This is often a challenge, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

MedicBI (“Medical Business Intelligence”) is the first specialized interface between medical staff and databases. Doctors and nursing staff can intuitively extract relevant information from the generated data using a chat interface (known from “Whatsapp” or similar chat systems) without learning complex syntax. Through Natural Language Processing MedicBI understands the relationships and connections in spoken and written natural language.

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