Clinomic supported by Deutsche Telekom‘s startup program

Clinomic is now supported by Deutsche Telekom‘s startup program, “Techboost Startup”, supported with up to 100,000 euros credit for OTC and discounts on Telekom products and rates. With extensive use of the cloud, TechBoost startups also receive valuable sales and marketing support – true to the motto: Boost your business!

What makes the Telekom TechBoost program so special is that it is particularly versatile. On the one hand, the program supports us and Deutsche Telekom in implementing our vision of working together in the cloud. On the other hand, Deutsche Telekom also provides support in everyday matters such as customer acquisition and business area development. Thanks to Deutsche Telekom’s immense network, which has been built up over decades, we not only look forward to making new, exciting contacts, but also to many exciting events in which we will be participating in the coming months.

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