Introducing the Clinomic Group

With Mona, our journey as a startup began in 2019. In the meantime, we have evolved.

With our smart assistance- and telemedicine system Mona, we set out to support medical digitalization and progress in telemedicine and thus revolutionize acute and intensive care medicine. Clinomic was founded three years ago by intensive care physicians from the University Hospital RWTH Aachen and has grown ever since. With the establishment of Clinomic Group in 2022, our fast-growing company is taking the next development step towards becoming a 360-degree provider for digitalization and reinvention of the hospital. We want to actively shape the movement of healthcare towards an intelligent, efficient, and resource-driven digital transformation. The Clinomic Group creates solutions that have a sustainable impact on the lives of our patients, the working reality of our users and the well-being of our society.

As a subsidiary of the Clinomic Group, the Clinomic Medical GmbH (former Clinomic GmbH) is a dynamic, fast-growing MedTech company focused on developing innovative technology in intensive care medicine. We developed Mona to support doctors and nurses directly at the patient bed. The device facilitates voice-controlled documentation, identifies relevant data, and thus contributes to the faster and better treatment of the critically ill.

Another subsidiary company is our Clinomic Telemedicine GmbH which was founded in 2022 to bring specialist medical and nursing expertise to the patient bed. Our professionals work virtually with the local hospital team to help each critically ill person at the right moment. With the Clinomic Telemedicine Center, we provide quick access to experienced medical specialists and skilled nurses. Our specialists are available 24 hours a day for complete on-demand, emergency, and substitute care.

The third sub-company of the Clinomic Group founded in 2022, the Clinomic Solutions GmbH, helps hospitals to overcome the lack of conventional analysis by analyzing great amounts of health data quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive and individual consulting services for telemedical networking of intensive care competencies.

We are also happy to introduce Dr. med. Thomas Wolfram (MBA) as the new Group CEO! He is one of the key decision-makers in the European healthcare sector and ex-CEO of Asklepios.

We look forward to the road ahead with our great Clinomic team! Learn more about the Clinomic Group on our brand-new website as well as in the new imagevideo.


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We are introducing our new corporate structure as Clinomic Group!

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