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AI Voice Translation

Voice-to-voice translation from/to 30 languages for clinical communication

Developer: Clinomic Solutions GmbH


MagicTranslate utilizes advanced AI for its voice-to-voice translation, specifically tailored for clinical communication. This AI-driven approach enables automatic detection of input languages and accurate, real-time translation. It enhances communication in healthcare settings by allowing effortless, direct speech-to-speech exchanges between nurses, doctors, and patients in multiple languages, thus improving patient care and reducing misunderstandings.

  • AI-driven voice-to-voice translation
  • Automatic language detection, no need for manual input language selection
  • Real-time translation for fluid communication
  • Tailored for clinical settings: facilitates conversations among healthcare professionals and patients
  • Supports diverse languages, enhancing communication in multilingual environments

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Required monaOS version
2.2.0 or later
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Artificial Intelligence

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