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CPR Timer & Guide

Peer-reviewed standards for common clinical situations in the ICU

Developer: Clinomic Solutions GmbH


“CPR Timer & Guide” is an advanced tool designed to support CPR and resuscitation efforts, providing essential features in critical situation. It includes a CPR timer with a clearly audible timekeeping to maintain correct compression rhythm, a documentation mode for recording procedure details including medications (according to international guidelines), and integrated algorithms for CPR, tachycardia, and bradycardia management.It aids in facilitating effective resuscitation practices.

The application is designed for high-quality, guideline-adherent CPR but is not a certified medical product. Use for research only.

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Required monaOS version
2.2.0 or later
Available in
German, English
Clinical Tools

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Main overview / CPR timing and metronome
Algorithms for different CPR scenarios

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