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MonaShare Patient Communication

Peer-reviewed standards for common clinical situations in the ICU

Developer: Clinomic Solutions GmbH


The “MonaShare – Patient Communication” app enhances emotional connectivity between ICU patients and their relatives by enabling the sharing of pictures and short messages.

It serves as a vital tool in critical care settings, where direct communication can be limited, helping to maintain a sense of closeness and support. For families facing visiting restrictions, MonaShare alleviates the emotional distance, allowing them to be a comforting presence in their loved one’s recovery process.

By reducing feelings of isolation for patients and facilitating emotional support, MonaShare contributes positively to the holistic well-being and recovery of ICU patients. This innovative solution supports a more inclusive and emotionally supportive approach to care in the intensive care setting.

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Required monaOS version
2.2.0 or later
Available in
German, English
Data Integration

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