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Skills Handbook

Critical skills handbook for doctors and ICU nursing staff

Developer: Clinomic Solutions GmbH


The “Skills Handbook” focuses on clinical skills and competencies relevant to everyday hospital practice. It provides a wide array of articles, standards, and practical skills crucial for medical professionals. The content is regularly updated, ensuring relevance and accuracy in a clinical setting.

It includes detailed guides on various clinical procedures, best practices in patient care, and techniques for effective diagnosis and treatment. This resource is particularly valuable for medical professionals seeking to enhance their clinical competencies and stay updated with the latest practices in patient management.

  • Abdominal positioning
  • Bedside EEG
  • ABG (BGA) interpretations
  • Dialysis Setup
  • ECMO techniques and setup
  • Endotracheal suctioning
  • External ventricular drainage
  • Intra-abdominal pressure
  • NO Ventilation
  • PiCCO monitoring
  • Pulmonary catheter
  • Pacemaker, transvenous
  • Sedaconda ACD
  • Sonography TTE
  • Thoracic drainage
  • Tracheal cannulae/tracheotomy
  • Urine status
  • Volume responsiveness
  • Wound care LVAD
  • CVD measurement
  • CVC placement

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Medical Knowledge

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Skills: Hemodynamics
Pacemaker Setup

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