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Mona Therapeutic Sounds

Therapeutic sounds, guided meditation and music for your patient

Developer: Clinomic Solutions GmbH


“Mona Therapeutic Sounds” is a specialized app for ICU patients, providing a serene auditory environment with various sound categories. It includes guided meditations tailored for patient relaxation and mental wellness, alongside soothing options like Classical music, Sleep-inducing sounds, and Relaxing soundscapes. This app is designed to enhance the healing experience in a clinical setting, offering comfort and a tranquil escape to aid in the recovery process.

  • Audiobook: For literary enthusiasts who enjoy storytelling through voice.
  • Active: Energetic and dynamic sounds to keep listeners engaged and motivated.
  • Classical: Timeless musical pieces that provide a calming and sophisticated backdrop.
  • Everyday: Sounds from daily life that can be comforting or familiar to many.
  • Noise: A variety of noise colors (like white, pink, etc.) to help with concentration or sleep.
  • Relax: Soothing tunes and soundscapes designed to aid relaxation and stress relief.
  • Modern: Contemporary sounds and music for those who prefer a current vibe.
  • Sleep: Gentle and soft audio to help listeners unwind and drift into sleep.

App Information

Required monaOS version
2.2.0 or later
Available in
German, English
Medical Knowledge

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Daily and environment sounds for relaxation

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