ICU4Covid General Assembly in Aachen

Last month, the General Assembly of the ICU4Covid consortium members and project partners was held in Aachen.

ICU4Covid is a project by the European Commission, where hospitals within the EU are supported fighting the COVID-19-pandemic. The vision and main goal of ICU4Covid is to provide efficient critical care to EU citizens and healthcare professionals quickly and comprehensively. Clinomic was chosen to support the hospitals by enabling telemedicine calls with our smart assistance and telemedicine system, Mona, to bring specialized expertise directly to the patient bed. If a specialist is not available on-site, doctors and nurses can ask for advice via telemedicine, simply by calling a cooperating specialist via Mona’s telemedicine module.

Telemedicine is already established in the Hospital Düren, which is also part of ICU4Covid. The hospital is accustomed to bringing in specialized expertise via telemedicine into their daily work. Dr. med. Jan-Karl Schütte, leading consultant in the Hospital Düren says: “We perform telemedicine for years now and I’m really glad to see that the advantages of telemedicine and the telemedical network are also acknowledged by the European Commission.” Marcus Flucht, the chief physician at the St. Elisabeth Hospital Jülich adds: “The option of seeing the patient and his file in real-time during teleconsultation brings our service to the next level.” The hospital in Jülich is also using Mona in their intensive care unit. According to Schütte, an innovative solution like Mona will improve the delivery of healthcare in Europe. His colleague, consultant Olaf Schroeder, went on to say that “being able to connect remotely with Mona on short notice, and either advise doctors or discuss cases, enables us to help patients and save lives.”

During both days of the General Assembly, the participants received updates on the progress of the project, its conclusions so far, and future directions of action. Thanks to everyone who took part in the General Assembly!

General Assembly of the ICU4Covid consortium members and project partner. Photo rights: ICU4Covid.
Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Gernot Marx presenting Mona at the ICU4Covid General Assembly

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