Georg Griesemann appointed as new CEO of Clinomic

Georg Griesemann joins the Clinomic Group as the new CEO. We are pleased to fill an important position in our emerging company with an experienced manager!

Georg Griesemann has extensive experience in building, growing, and scaling-up businesses. He has 10 years of experience in the financial industry, and additional 10 years of experience as CEO and CFO of several companies, where Griesemann helped companies to further develop their strengths and establish themselves on the market. From now on he brings this experience of supporting and scaling up to Clinomic. Together with the founders Dr. Arne Peine (CTO) and Dr. Lukas Martin (CMO), he will pursue the mission of leading the company further towards profitability and strengthening its market position. Griesemann: “I am thrilled to become part of the Clinomic team! Since the first meeting, I was convinced by the strong entrepreneurial spirit of the ambitious founders.”

“I clearly see an excellent product in a growing market with a strong management team, supported by experienced investors. I am very impressed how quickly the company has developed products in such a highly regulated market. It is of great value that the leadership team has a strong medical background – but also a strong entrepreneurial spirit.” – Georg Griesemann, CEO

“We look forward to working together with Georg Griesemann in the future,” states CMO Dr. Lukas Martin. The co-founder adds: “He is a great addition and cultural fit to our management team as he has a lot of experience with emerging companies and will certainly increase the potential of Clinomic.”

The new management of the Clinomic Group GmbH, along with a dynamic team of engineers, product experts, project managers, quality managers, and other key members of our Clinomic team, will continue to improve critical care with innovative products and services, making patient care and hospital processes more digital, efficient and user-friendly.

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