Clinomic Telemedicine Center

World-class Critical Care Doctors and Nurses.
Available 24/7 to work virtually with your on-site hospital team.

Virtual medical experts

Our medical experts work virtually with your on-site hospital team.

24/7 and on-demand

We offer on-demand expertise as well as conducting regular rounds.

Saving lives together

Working together cooperatively to improve outcomes for critically ill patients.

TeleICU allows us to provide high-quality care to critically ill patients – at a level as if you were there.”

Prof. Dr. Tobias Schürholz, Specialist in Anaesthesia, Intensive Care Medicine, Clinomic Telemedicine Center

Virtual medical experts

Intensive care at the highest level. Available at any time. Our medical and nursing professionals work virtually with your local hospital team to help each critically ill person at the right moment. We provide quick access to experienced medical specialists and skilled nurses, usually with university medical backgrounds.

In routine operation and 24/7 on demand.

Our medical staff provides on-demand expertise, as well as conducting scheduled, and structured interactions with the entire clinical critical care team. It doesn’t matter if your facility has a high level of critical care expertise or if you have telemedicine critical care with an affiliated hospital. We provide complete on-demand, emergency and substitute care.

Our team of telemedical

Intensive Care Physicians

Our physicians are exclusively German specialists with extensive previous experience in intensive care medicine.

Specialist nurses

Our specialist nurses all have extensive intensive medical practice experience to best support their nursing team.

Respiratory therapists

Specialized respiratory therapists may be consulted for respiratory and weaning issues.

Our Services

Regular intensive care rounds and consultations at fixed times and with fixed contact persons

Regular, specialized nursing rounds to ensure optimal treatment of patients

Specialized rounds, e.g., pharmacology rounds, weaning rounds.

Specialists available 24 hours a day for acute issues and emergencies

Targeted quality circles, e.g. for sustainable improvement of the quality of ventilation, dialysis procedures, antibiotic use

Interdisciplinary, independent decision support for the question of transfer of an intensive care patient

Saving Lives Together.

With the Clinomic Telemedicine Center, we bring specialist medical and nursing expertise to your bedside around the clock. Whether it’s a regular ward round or an emergency consultation – your colleagues are available to you at all times. This means that your colleagues on site can be optimally supported in their work, patient outcomes can be improved and cost-intensive transfers can be minimized.

Hey Mona

Fully reimbursed by private insurers

All visits that are provided by means of the Mona system are completely reimbursed by private insurers in Germany.
The Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV) supports the offer of Clinomic Medical GmbH and has developed a measure for the billing of these “special telemedical consults” in intensive care medicine, which ensures an appropriate remuneration of the services.

“Clinomic’s new technology can be lifesaving for critical care patients who don’t live near major centers. We’re happy to support that.”

Dr. Florian Reuther, Director of the Association of Private Health Insurers (PKV)

Test us without obligation and free of charge for two weeks!

  • Get to know us – we offer you two complete weeks of telemedicine consultation by our Clinomic Telemedicine Center specialists – no strings attached!
  • No hardware installation necessary: We deliver the complete hardware and software and also pick it up again without being asked.
  • Including on-site service: we accompany the test weeks with a staff member on your ward.
  • Fast: From first call to first visit under 2 weeks!
  • Unbureaucratic: No IT integration required for the test weeks.
  • Incl. telemedical potential analysis: Receive a detailed, individual report on the potential of telemedical consultation incl. DIVI quality report.

100 % free

Plug & Play

Hardware included

Support available

Who we are

As a part of the Clinomic Telemedicine GmbH, the Clinomic Telemedicine Center was established to bring the extensive expertise in teleintensive care directly to the bedside of the ill person through regular televisits or ad-hoc retrieval. With the Clinomic Telemedicine Center, we offer the telemedicine expertise to help you build a world-class program in any clinical specialty.

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FAQ – Telemedicine in intensive care medicine

Intensive care units in Germany treat more than 2 million patients per year; one third of the patients alone are treated in university hospitals or hospitals with the maximum care level. Of those treated, approximately 11% develop blood poisoning (sepsis), and the mortality rate for this type of illness in hospitals is over 50%, making it the third most common cause of death in Germany, with 75,000 deaths per year. In addition, the treatment of sepsis results in immense treatment costs of up to 4.5 billion euros.  There is a deficit of specialists to enable a demand-oriented and comprehensive care of patients.

In order to reduce mortality and morbidity, 24/7 staffing of intensive care units by specialists with additional qualifications in intensive care medicine is beneficial, but not feasible due to the shortage of physicians. In addition, providing patients with access to specialty centers close to their homes is a major challenge. Over the past 20 years, telemedicine care has become increasingly important: A large number of mono and multicenter studies have shown that telemedicine networking improves treatment outcomes.

Teleconsiliary consultation by an experienced intensive care physician (specialist in anesthesiology with e.g. additional specialty in intensive care medicine and at least 5 years of experience in intensive care medicine at a maximum care hospital). Our center fulfills all necessary quality requirements of the BGA decision for the performance of intensive care consulting services and interdisciplinary case conferences for patients of other hospitals as consulting services.

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Mona – optimal for your telemedicine experience

The smart assistance system at the patient’s bedside.

Meet Mona

Mona – optimal for your telemedicine experience

The smart assistance system at the patient’s bedside.

Meet Mona

Mona – optimal for your telemedicine experience

The smart assistance system at the patient’s bedside.

Meet Mona