Happy 3rd Birthday, Clinomic!

Happy Birthday to you, dear Clinomic!

Last week, we celebrated our third birthday. What a great journey we had until now! We were accompanied by a great team, growing from six founders to over 70 people in four different locations. Mona was evolving from a prototype stitched together with hot glue to a full production line, now sending out hundreds of devices. We were passing all hurdles of certifications, CE, ISO, TÜV Audits, internal QM, and much more. And most importantly: Our hospital customers in over eight European countries, serving thousands of patients, nurses, and doctors. Unfortunately, we could not share the cake physically with everybody, but we sincerely want to thank everybody who was and is part of the journey. We are immensely proud of everybody who contributed to the success of Clinomic. We look forward to the next years with you!

Clinomic celebrated its 3rd birthday!

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