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One device. Endless possibilites.

Make the most of your Mona.

The monaOS App Store invites developers and top-tier medical companies to release their specialized software, enhancing the capabilities of Mona.

Adapting to your individual needs, this transforms Mona into a more versatile and powerful assistant, tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern intensive care.

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Mona Application Developer Program

The monaOS Developer Program is a pioneering initiative designed to augment the functionality of the Mona medical device, specifically tailored for Intensive Care Units. This program creates a collaborative ecosystem where selected developers and renowned medical companies can develop and publish specialized software applications. By offering a range of vetted applications, the MonaOS Application Program not only expands the capabilities of the Mona device but also fosters innovation in medical technology, ultimately aiming to improve patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency.

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